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entry 2 pt1. [Apr. 15th, 2005|02:03 pm]
Wow, it's been ages since I've last updated. I've been busy with school and catching up on the first season of Angel. I really hate that the actor who played Doyle in Angel died of a drug overdose....Anyway I have alot of icons to upload but here are some. I even uploaded some banners I made. Feel free to use but credit me please.

Teaser Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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F.A.Q. //affiliates/comments [Mar. 29th, 2005|01:26 pm]
I'll be using this entry here as my f.a.q.//affiliates//comments page. Here you can ask me any kind of icon-related questions, apply for affiliates, or comment here with any kind of suggestion.
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first entry//icons [Mar. 28th, 2005|05:15 pm]
Hello everyone! This is my first entry of icons here at iconEXTREME! Some may know me as angelwatching.

Teasers :

Tom Welling ) Image hosted by Photobucket.com Sincity ) Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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